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“Exclusively for Feldenkrais Practitioners”

Ryan Nagy

Ryan Nagy

Is your practice growing the way you want it?

Are you getting new students from your website?

Do people understand what you are offering?

Do they feel compelled to contact you?

What are you doing to improve your results online?

October 1st, 2010. From the Desk of Ryan C. Nagy, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Dear Colleague,

Over the last 7 years, I have been building a worldwide internet marketing practice, consulting with small and large businesses, helping them get top google rankings and increase their sales and influence online. I have helped multi-million dollar manufacturing companies, social media companies, authors, Feldenkrais trainers and practitioners, Ericksonian hypnotists, ecommerce retailers in many “niches”….and I can help you.

What I have discovered about internet marketing has been surprising and runs contrary to accepted “wisdom.” For example, people often feel that they need to be “slick” and use “sales talk” on their websites. I have found that to be completely untrue. Why? People are so busy and they have so many options online, they will rarely give you the time that you need to persuade them.

People can – and will – immediately click away if they do not like what you are saying, My mantra has become, “Clarity Trumps Persuasion,” and I have found the simpler and clearer your message is, the more persuasive you will be.

Likewise, some people get hung up on the idea of having an “attractive” website. Sorry, but no. Most highly successful websites are functional, but not beautiful.

* Do you purchase from Amazon because it has a beautiful website?
* Do you read the New York Times or another online paper because of its design?

Probably not.

I stopped doing web design for my clients last year unless they hired me to do the internet marketing as well. Web design was taking up too much of people’s time and distracting them from what needed to be done to bring them success online.

A beautiful website might make you feel good. It might win you positive feedback from your friends and colleagues. But I am sorry to say, it will rarely (if ever) brings you more students and more income.

What Are The Keys to Marketing Online?

There are only four things that you need to successfully sell online:

1) Visitors

2) A Clear Message

3) A Product or Service

4) “Conversions”

Let’s take them one-by-one:

1) Visitors.

If you want to get more success from your online efforts, you must – MUST – get people to your website. Think of your website as a retail store. If you have a beautiful store, but it’s at the end of a dark alley and no one is seeing your goods, the no one can buy from you. How can you buy from a store that you do not know about and have never seen?

You need visitors – lots of visitor. And online, you don’t want just any visitors, but people who are actively looking for what you offer. And that is the beauty of the internet, people are actively searching for life-changing ideas millions of times per second, all over the world 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. And you can make your website rank highly for the important searches that people are doing online. Searches that are about what you are offering.

How many people searching online are discovering what YOU have to offer?

2) Message.

What’s your message? Can it be understood fairly quickly? Is it compelling to the types of people that you want to attract?

A targeted message speaks directly to your potential customer, shows them you understand what they want and need, can be easily understood and helps them feel safe getting to know you. I will help you craft your compelling message.

3) Product or Service.

I will assume that you either have a product or service to sell…or are working on it. Perhaps you want to give more Functional Integration sessions, teach workshops or sell downloads or CD’s? Good.

But from a customer’s perspective, does your website clearly show what you do? Is there a clear message and clear pathway for them to “get” what you are doing? (Yes, Feldenkrais principles apply online.)

My experience is that 80% of all websites do not clearly convey what they are marketing and that 90% do not provide a compelling explanation of why a person should buy – and buy now. Some websites DO convey the message and provide compelling explanations, but then do not have a clear path to purchasing. Just like in a Functional Integration session, you have to connect the dots for people and create the clearest pathway for your student’s action.

4) Conversions.

A “conversion” is a measurable action. For example, if 100 people visited your website yesterday and 1 of them picked up the phone to call you, you would have a 1% conversion rate. That may sound like a small number but fortunes can be built with that small number. Many websites are nothing more than online brochures. That’s not enough in today’s competitive marketplace. You have to get people to engage with you – to take action.

“Ok, got that?”

1) Visitors

2) A Clear Message

3) A Product or Service

4) “Conversions”

All four are interrelated. For example, if someone searches for “back pain relief” on google, reaches your website and does not understand your message of how you can help eliminate back pain, then he or she is likely to leave your site. If they do understand, but there is no way to “convert” by contacting you – in their preferred way – they will not schedule a session. If they are looking for a download and you are selling CDs? Again, no sale, no influence. For long term success, you need to address all 4 areas of functioning.

To get the results that you want, your going to have to make some changes…

The “How To” of Effective Online Marketing

Here’s what needs done on most websites, and what I can offer you:

Keyword research. Keywords are the words that people enter into the search field on google, yahoo, bing and other search engines when they want to find a practitioner or product. After finding out about your specialties and what you want to achieve, I search proprietary databases to find the top keyword phrases and keyword themes for your practice, specialties, geographic areas and interests. – This instantly sets you apart from the competition.

Rankings. Where are you ranking on the major searches engines right now? And what keywords will be the most profitable for you to target? I find them for you.

Keyword difficulty ranking to determine which keywords you should targeted first. Put your efforts in the areas that will yield the highest results.

Installation of Google Analytics to help track your progress and success. This helps you keep yourself on track and continue to improve.

*** Search Engine Optimization*** Critical optimization of your title tags and all relevant META tags (images, descriptions, links) on all relevant pages to focus on what you need to get to the top of the rankings. -There is no substitute for skilled SEO.

Light editing of website content to emphasis targeted keywords.

Internal link building to emphasis your most important pages.

“Off page” Factors

Link Building Report – A list of the most important incoming links for your practice. (absolutely crucial for a top google rank!)

Competitive Link Analysis Ever wondered why a friend or colleague is ranking so highly? I can give you specific reasons and show you how to rank higher than them. Analysis of 2-3 of your competitor’s websites in order to find linking opportunities. (this is worth the price of the entire package.)

Free Links. I have an extensive database of no-cost and low cost links specific to many regions and industries and pick the most relevant to your situation.

The Best Paid Links. Google looks for links from several important places. I know all of them. Some of the links will have a fee, from $39 – $299. While you do have choice as to how many links you buy, you will need to purchase some. I only choose links that have demonstrated google-rank value.

Sales Process and Message Analysis

As I have alluded to, doing internet marketing is no different than giving an individual session or teaching a workshop. You must have a clear intention, you must have a strategy for demonstrating it, and you must make sure that the other person is getting what you are teaching.

In other words, while using your website, you want a person to not only have a good feeling or understanding, but to DO something – to take action.

What I will do for you is help you to create a “difference that makes a difference” in the people who come to your website…and then help them to act on that difference….

Please think about that for a moment.

What I am telling you, what I hope you will see, is that many of the principles you have learned as a student of Moshe Feldenkrais – are just as applicable and actionable – ONLINE – as they are in your individual classes, workshops and training. Learning principles, principles of awareness and action apply at all levels.

Before we go any further, I think I can hear you saying:


“Ryan, this sounds complicated!!!”


Well, yes, it is. I’m giving you a great deal of information here – I know it’s a lot. I’m giving you so much information, because I want you to see the potential that the internet has – not only for you and your practice- but for the growth of the method.

Keep in mind, that depending on how you want to work with me, I will be handling many of the details for you and either a) Doing the work myself or b) Guiding you through the process step-by-step. However you choose to work with me, you will have access to me via email, phone and internet and you will get all your questions answered.

And when you are done working with me? You will not only have a much better online presence and marketing program, but you will be empowered by the process and will have a great deal of your own knowledge and creative insight that you can apply.

“A Word of Warning”

I’m going to tell you something now, that virtually everyone in the community knows, but few want to deal with. It’s the 10,000 pound elephant in the room that no one really wants to acknowledge:

Each and every day that the Feldenkrais community goes without mastering internet sales and marketing is a day that the world leaves us behind.

Look at the world around you and look inside yourself – you see the evidence.

We’re not talking about the mindless accumulation of money. Yes, we like money. We need it to have a nice lifestyle, but with us it’s not just about that. There are bigger issues. Much bigger issues.

There are – at this very moment – people getting surgeries and treatments that they do not need. People that you could be helping.

There are people wasting money, time and energy – perhaps even wasting their own lives – living in pain and depression – people that could be helped by us and what we do.

Are you Ok with that?

I’m not.

Online, right now, perceptions are being created in the minds of the public. Many (if not most) of whom do not know yet know that Moshe Feldenkrais existed and that his work can transform their lives.

And right now, big companies and the medical profession are controlling the message and influencing people, while those in our communities are being left behind.

It’s not just that you could be more effectively giving your market what it wants (and making more money as a result) … the community itself is at risk. The only way to be sure this won’t happen… is to find out exactly how to sell and market online and start delivering so there will be no reason for people to go elsewhere.

I’ve got the skills, passion and ability to both implement the strategies and teach you to. But YOU have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and take the next steps.

Here are Some Options

Depending on your level of involvement and whether you want to implement some of the work, have a friend or staff member do it, or have me implement everything, there are several ways we can work together.

1) Written Report only:

Reports and analysis of the above, with a 30-minute consultation with me to review the ideas.

2) Report with Support:

In addition to the written report above, I serve as your resource for implementing the plan, including meeting you, your webmaster (if you have one), advising on implementation and doing some of the work as required Includes meeting via phone, internet and email as needed for 60 days.

3) Implementation:

Everything above, plus implementation of the plan with myself and my in-house staff and select partners.

The above is for solo practitioners or small groups of practitioners working together. If you are a training institute, or are selling Feldenkrais workshops and products in a highly competitive niche or area of the country the equation is different. You may need longer term link-building and optimization. Please contact me using the form below so that we can talk about your goals.

Before we go any further, I must ask you:

“Is internet marketing really for you?”

I want to be absolutely sure I haven’t set any unrealistic expectations before you start working with me. The plain truth is, internet marketing is NOT for everyone. To succeed, you’ve got to be willing to challenge your assumptions about sales and marketing. You have to be the type of person who will:

* Listen to what I am telling you and do what needs to be done.

* Follow up, pay attention.

* Implement some steps on your own – without me badgering you to get them done.

I know that sounds ridiculously obvious … but there ARE some people who hire me and then do not follow up. They do not do the thinking that I ask for, nor respond to my emails in a timely manner. They wait for the results to magically appear. It doesn’t work that way. I’m good. Damn good. But YOU you have to be willing to put in the time and energy that I will require from you. It’s not for everyone, but if you want a way to build a profitable website in the most efficient way possible, this is the best system that I know of in the Feldenkrais community.

"My Promise To You"

By now, you have noticed that I have not quoted any prices. I’m getting there. I need to put everything in “black and white” so that you can get an idea of what needs done and how to proceed. And even though I am going to give you some options for working with me – and some prices – I have to tell you upfront that I do not work with everyone. By purchasing, you are applying to work with with me. If after talking, we don’t seem to be a match, I will return 100% of your money.

I have an busy life that includes a consulting practice, Feldenkrais product creation and building and maintaining my own websites (ALL of my income comes from the web). But for me, lifestyle comes first and I have lot’s of “free” time. I do 8-10 hours per week of Alexander Yanai, I have several research projects that I am working on and I have a Feldenkrais podcast.

I really need to talk to you before we work together and I need you to convince me that my help is important to you, that you are ready to experience the success that you want and that you are going to follow through.

That being said, once we are on the same team, you will have my complete and total support. I will do everything that I can to get you where you want to go. Read my testimonials to get a sense of the work that I do, how people feel about working with me, and what kind of success that they have. I look forward to adding YOUR testimonial about your success.

Investment Options

1) Written Report only:

Reports and analysis of the above, with a 60-minute phone or internet consultation with me to review the ideas.

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2) Report with Support:

In addition to the written report above, I serve as your resource for implementing the plan, including meeting you, your webmaster (if you have one), advising on implementation and doing some of the work if required. Includes meeting via phone, internet and email as needed for 60 days.

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3) Implementation:

Everything above, plus implementation of the plan with myself and my in-house staff and select partners. Contact me for a quote. I’ll need to log into your blog or website and see how it’s configured and also see what capabilities your hosting company has.

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